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I've been trying to expand my roster by trying out heroes I haven't been playing such as nooby beginner heroes like Valla and Raynor but I thought I'd give Tyrael a try. For the longest time I had thought he was a bruiser and with his new builds was building him with his health regen/life stealing effects only to be disappointed by the lack of sustain and damage. After a few bad matches I was trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, I looked at his info and noticed it had categorized him as a tank and then I looked over his most played build path and played accordingly. Even with his most optimal build I was outanked by other tanks and my shields didn't even seem to make up for that lack. So, now I'm here to see if anyone knows how to make this dude work? I'm not sure if my teamate was trolling me but he said Tyrael is a top 5 tank and looking at his Hotslog stats he is the lowest W:L ratio warrior in the game?

Please help.

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